xQc and Andrew Tate Feud Over "Misogynistic" Opinions


The feud between xQc, one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world, and Andrew Tate, a professional kickboxer and online personality, has continued following a heated stream between the two, featuring Adin Ross. As you may know, Tate has a reputation for having some controversial opinions. The same goes for xQc, but this time at the heart of the debate was the former's opinions on women, which xQc deemed "misogynistic."

The debate linked in the opening paragraph is currently trending on YouTube at #17, which is impressive considering its two days old now. As you would expect, the two couldn't come to any type of resolution, which is why the exchange has spilled over into subsequent streams by xQc. 

If you read the comments on the YouTube video, Tate won the exchange. And the same thing was being said in a recent xQc stream, which prompted a passionate response from the Canadian streamer. 

"A lot of his takes are legitimately actual misogynistic ways and thoughts and they're very anti-woman takes and behaviors," said xQc of Tate. "If everybody replicates those thoughts and behaviors in the general public without money or status or whatever, it is complete disarray right. It's absolute chaos!"