Steph is cold

Who Is Stephon Clinkscales?

Stephon is an online dating, health & fitness coach who consistently uploads content on YouTube and Instagram.

His training and advice helps other men get their mindset right when it comes to women.

On social media, he's referred to as, "Stephiscold".

Steph wasn't always as confident as seems in his videos.

He used to be bullied.

People used to always make fun of his height and he wasn't a confident man.

Steph was always going out of his way to try and please women instead of focusing on himself first.

Everything changed when he started appreciating the small things and focusing on himself.

He began being cold and his success with women has gone to new heights.

Today, he's an online entrepreneur who created the How To Be Cold course for men.

As you go through it, you're going to realize that being cold isn't what you think it is.

You might even come to agree with Steph's mindset.

Let's get right into what you'll learn.